006-P1K3465A , YHE- 4C-LB3207-YH2 (8) LED Strips for 55US5800 55US57

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Part Number: 006-P1K3465A

Garantía: ¡ 6 meses de garantía! - ¡100% de garantía de satisfacción! 

Modelos conocidos:  TCL 55US57TGAA, 55US5800 55US5800TAAA, 55US5800 55US5800TDAA, 55US5800TAAA, 55US5800TCAA 55US5800TDAA, 55US5800TNAA

Garantía de calidad:   todas las placas enviadas a nuestros clientes han sido probadas minuciosamente para que funcionen al 100%.

Board Numbers006-P1K3465A, T0T_55D2700_UD_8X7_3030C_V1, YHB-4C-LB3207-YH2, 55D2700, 55HR330M07A2 V0

Important Info: There may be more than one different set of LED strips for model 55US5800. We've found these strips to be used in TVs with Service No. 55US5800TAAA or 55US5800TDAA (found on sticker on back of TV).

Part number can be found on a sticker on board

Notes:  We at TVPARTSBAY, recommend using the original part number when ordering.  Searching by part number will allow the greatest accuracy when sourcing a part from us.  Often times there are TV models that use more than one set of parts and/or panels.

Panel Number : LVU550CS0T E1 V1, T8-55D2730BU-LPN1

Warranty Information

6 Month Warranty! - 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!