TVPartsBay.com Professional Privacy Etiquette

Created 7-21-2015


Making a purchase at TVPartbay.com is safe.

When we request personal information such as the name, address, phone number, credit card number, login of your username and password the information is confidential and is received through SSL and secure servers.  The information is used to process orders, personalize shopping, and personalize your account.


Information we collect? Why and How we use the information?

When customers place an order, we request that you provide complete and accurate information. This information includes a name, mailing address, email address and contact information and credit card information. The information that is collected is not made accessible to the public. For example the information is keep secure and confidential.


We are committed to your privacy and have enhanced your personalization by adopting a return policy and have a faq section on our site. Our site may use cookies that get browser information and configuration and may be used for session authentication and account personalization. The user will need to have cookies enabled for the site. These cookies may also be used for advertising. We do not use Google tracking cookies at this time. However these services may be used to better personalize your service and may be used in the future, in which we will inform users.  The customer may decide to delete cookies from us.

Privacy of Children

We are committed to childrens privacy therefore this site is not intended to collect information from children under the age of 13 without parental assistance. When the customer makes purchases from TVpartsBay they represent that they are an adult in compliance with law. This site is not intended to make sales to children under the age of 13.


TVPartsBay has exceptional customer service and technicians. When the customer needs to change their order or correct inaccuracies we need to have a phone number to speak to you.