4708-K43WDR-A1213K01 Toshiba LED Strips- 8 Strips

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Part Number: 4708-K43WDR-A1213K01

6-Month Warranty!

TV Models:  Toshiba           43L310U Rev. B

Board Numbers: 4708-K43WDR-A1213K01, K430WDR159036, S-T270-Y4-R-Y30 RL, 471R1P53

Panel Sticker Number: T430HVN01.2

Important Info: Make sure the LED panel in your TV matches the information in this listing before ordering. DO NOT simply order by model number, as this may result in receiving LED strips that are incompatible with your TV. PLEASE NOTE: The TV models listed under Known Models use various LED panels. These strips are confirmed to be used in Toshiba model 43L310U Rev. A (printed on sticker on side or back of TV.)

8 Strips.

Quality Assurance: All Boards sent to our customers, have been thoroughly tested to be 100% working condition.

Notes:    We at TVPARTSBAY, recommend using the original part number when ordering. Searching by part number will allow the greatest accuracy when sourcing parts from us. There are TV models that use more than one set of parts and/or panels.

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6-Month Warranty!